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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stocking Fetish

An expert in the art of seductive teasing, I'll drive you crazy before giving you what you crave. You can't resist the allure of my beautiful female body in nylon stockings and garter-belt, can you?

I love teasing you, stripping out of my smart business suit, knowing how aroused you become seeing my hot legs clad in heels and stockings.

You want me to rub my sexy feet against your hard cock. Who knows...please Mistress and I may even give you a footjob.

My little slut does have such a foot and stocking fetish, don't you pet?

Mistress Caitlyn


UK Toll-Free Number 0800 014 8033 Ext 69

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sissy Phone Sex

I love crossdressing sissies!
I love to go shopping together and try on frilly things. Dress you up in feminine clothing and make you look all girly. A little lipstick or nail polish in fuck-me red or hot pink, just tops off the look. Doesn't it make you feel so submissive and slutty?
And then once I have you all dressed up, there are just so many things I could do with you. Keep you all for myself for some strap-on dildo play, humiliate you in front of others, or just whore my little sissy slut out while I watch.

Feminization Phone Sex


UK Toll-Free Number 0800 014 8033 Ext 69

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Mistress Caitlyn's Birthday

It's your Mistress's Birthday and you don't want to forget. You Mistress deserves to be spoiled and pampered, particularly on Her special day.
I'll make it easy for you. You may select a gift from My wishlist, or sent Me a tribute and have Me choose My own.
Either way,

Friday, May 01, 2009

Sex In The Office

Long legs and high heels, but don't mistake Me for no office bimbo.

While this busty business woman may be wearing a
sexy skirt suit, thigh highs and heels, I'm certainly no push-over.

You'll be on your knees trying to please this bitch boss.

Office sex with this dark haired office vixen, and you may find yourself
the office slut getting fucked by their boss!

Office Sluts Phone Sex -

Where a day at the office is never boring!

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Letter From A Cuck

hi miss caitlyn,

my gf fucked a guy named aaron while she was in mexico. i later found out from aaron's gf (sherry) that aaron has a huge cock and is the best lay ever. i have a small cock (five inches) and it's bent downward and to the left. i can never pleasure my gf. sherry told me that it was funny and hot how badly aaron dominated me. do u think i'm a small dick loser? and is it pathetic that this makes me hard? did aaron dominate me? i would confront him but he is much more muscular and would probably kick my ass.


Dear cuck-
Call me to discuss your little problem.
~Mistress Caitlyn

Little Dick Cuckold Phone Sex

10-Minutes / $25
20- Minute Time Blocks for just $40!

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